Kid’s Limo Bus

Welcome to the Ultimate Kid’s Party Bus Experience!

Are you searching for an extraordinary way to commemorate your child’s special day? Look no further! Here at Limo Bus Hire, we specialize in curating an exhilarating and unforgettable experience for kids aboard our sensational Party and Limo buses. Whether you’re seeking seamless transportation to and from the event venue or envisioning an onboard kids’ party as you cruise through the picturesque landscapes of Sydney’s iconic areas, rest assured that we have every detail covered.

Our fleet of buses is meticulously designed to provide an atmosphere brimming with excitement and joy for the kids.

Discover a world of services and amenities that redefine the concept of children's celebrations:

Ignite the Party Atmosphere

Step into a realm of wonder where our Party and Limo Buses stand as paragons of entertainment. Equipped with state-of-the-art DJ LD speakers, vibrant LED party lights that paint the air with hues of magic, and smoke machines that add an element of mystique, our buses are designed to transport your young guests to a land of pure delight. Personalized LED signage, plush leather seats that cocoon comfort, and a spacious dance floor form the perfect stage for your little ones to groove to their favorite beats. With pulsating music and an enchanting interplay of lights, our buses metamorphose into a mini dance haven, guaranteeing a ceaseless stream of fun from the moment the journey begins.

Immerse in Themed Decorations

As champions of enchantment, we offer the option to customize the bus with thematic decorations that resonate with your child's dreams. Our team of professionals collaborates closely with you to craft an ambiance onboard that transforms the bus into a canvas of creativity, where every corner boasts a touch of magic for the children to relish.

While our focus remains on fostering a lively and enjoyable environment, safety and top-notch service are paramount in our journey:
  • Alcohol-Free Zone – Limo Bus Hire upholds the laws of NSW with regard to underage drinking. Our strict policy prohibits any individual under the age of 18 from consuming alcohol on our buses. While soft drinks and water are warmly welcomed, alcohol remains off the menu, ensuring a safe and wholesome environment for your child’s celebration.
  • Expert Drivers for a Smooth Ride – Our professional and seasoned drivers are extensively trained to ensure a smooth and secure journey for the kids. Possessing the requisite NSW Heavy Vehicle Licenses, NSW Driver Authorities, and clearances to Work with Children, our drivers are the guardians of your child’s safety. Throughout the journey, our friendly drivers are dedicated to delivering a secure and enjoyable experience, catering to special requests with a smile.
  • Parental Presence – During the transfer, we maintain a policy of having a minimum of two parents/guardians on board. This provision adds an extra layer of care and supervision to make the journey as comfortable and secure as possible for your little ones.

At Limo Bus Hire, we understand that every celebration is unique. Hence, we offer flexible packages tailored to suit your specific needs and budget. Our dedicated team collaborates with you to weave together a bespoke package that resonates with your requirements, ensuring your child’s day is nothing short of extraordinary.

Envision a celebration that your child will cherish forever. Let the magic unfold. Inquire now and give your child a celebration that will be etched in their memory for a lifetime!

For an in-depth exploration of our fleet’s offerings, their seat specifications, and features, we invite you to peruse our comprehensive Fleet Page. To discuss your requirements and make your child’s dreams come true, get in touch with us at 0478 LIMOOZ